TopicSurvivalism and Preparing For Emergencies

  • Thu 11th Oct 2018 - 7:48am

    Milk and butter. Be prepared for your Claude Daviss The Lost Book Of Remedies electricity to be out, and thus your refrigeration to be out. That means you will be cooking with evaporated milk and butter chips. Have some on hand. Make sure you like them (well enough, at least) and you know how to cook with them.

    Salts and oils. People tend to forget these in their food storage plans, too. Sugars will be wanted as well. Having a large tin of olive oil, of vegetable oil and another cooking oil will come in handy. What you don't want, you can always trade. Your store should include at least a pound of salt, plus herbs and pepper for seasoning. Having a large container of honey and maple syrup and a sizable bag of sugar around may be appreciated too. Of course, if you consider coffee to be a staple of life, you will want a month's worth of that available too.


  • Sat 27th Oct 2018 - 12:53pm

    A food storage plan is necessary if you are knew about going to face a disaster. Its a kind of emergency situation and you need to face it and survive from it. Unexpected disaster is difficult to manage but we can effectively handle with the known one. More Prepared shelter in place kit 

  • Wed 31st Oct 2018 - 5:05am

    The survival and emergency preparation tips that are shared here on the page are so interesting. These tips will be helpful to many people like me who are interested in adventure sports and trekking. Keep on sharing more and more posts like this.

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