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  • Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 11:19pm

    Al - Quwaiya Furniture Transport Company
    The international company is a long-standing institution built to provide comprehensive transport services for furniture, storage and storage in warehouses and warehouses

    The role of the company in the dismantling of furniture and cleaning, drying, packaging, transport and preservation, and this process is well deserved because it is on the hands of elaborate and trained as the company provides full and complete care of furniture and the use of sound methods in transporting to avoid collision and breakage is looking for the safety of luggage above all and provided International Company for the transfer of luggage time and effort spent in the search for the best services, we improve you choice and provide you with unique services and also our company follows the best transport company Balqwaih modern methods in the process of transporting luggage from means of transport and dismantling and installation and packaging materials, etc. Furniture from external factors.

    The company provides the best types of modern furniture that suits all citizens' tastes so that citizens are not confused when choosing and the company is able to carry out the transfer of large furniture, especially furniture for villas, palaces and large houses, and the transfer process is in advance plans to avoid making mistakes It has a lot of great achievements in the field of luggage delivery and come to citizens from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our company offers its services at affordable prices, despite the high prices, but the company takes into account the potential of citizens and low-income.

    Furniture Transport Company

    Transport company in Quwaiya
    Preparations, planning and organization are the basis of a good transport process.

    One of the important preparations made by the company is the processing of all kinds of tools, disassembly and installation, and the provision of good packaging materials.
    Modern transport vehicles and cranes are also provided to transport furniture.
    Provide durable laces that are wrapped on the baggage after packaging.
    The company offers a set of cardboard carton in all sizes to keep the luggage well.
    The company offers specialists in both jaw for furniture, installation and packaging of furniture well
    Covered means of transport to protect furniture during transport and carry-over.
    Good cleaning agents to clean and dry furniture and electrical appliances before saving them to prevent rusting.
    The company has warehouses equipped, to save furniture and is suitable for storage of luggage, in terms of temperature and cleanliness
    Moving company is characterized by professionalism, accuracy and quality, and no one denies its great role in moving furniture.
    One of the advantages of the company is its availability within 24 hours in receiving citizens' requests and responding to their inquiries.
    The company transports wooden furniture, electrical appliances, doors, windows and items.
    You can store your furniture in a dedicated room equipped with moisture-proof.

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