TopicThe Simple Ways and Tips Help You Choose The Right Brake Pads

  • Wed 2nd Dec 2015 - 8:19am

    Recently, more and more friends worry about how to choose the right Auto Brake, here, antai brake sharing some useful ways/tips help you choose the right brake pad for you car.

    Brake films generally require products to meet some technical indicators:

    1, the friction of coefficient: the coefficient of friction braking capability is simple to understand, its stability is a key indicator of brake pads.

    2, Service life: As far as possible, to extend the service life and reduce the frequency of replacement.

    3. Noise: whether emergency brakes or normal brakes, lignt brakes or continuous brakes, can not produce harsh noise.

    4, comfort

    5, thermal expansion: continuous brakes and emergency brakes will cause high temperature, based on the physical principle of heat bilges cold shrink, the brakes will be expanded, but its expansion in the demand must be kept in a small range,if inflation is too big, will lead to slice and duality become small between the gap, make the plate and plate remained in the process of normal driving braking state, will eventually cause brake high oil temperature in cylinder oil,and brake failure.

    6, heat recession: Requires brake friction of coefficient can do everything, the material must be adapted to a wide temperature range,so as to ensure it can not reduce capacity under various conditions.

    7, compression: it reflects our constant braking force brakes, brakes couldn't be too soft or too hard, if too soft, it will affect the response time of the brake pads;if too hard, it will hurt disc and produce noise. Amount of compression according to relevant standards, it is between 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm.

    8, do not hurt the disc

    9, environmental protection

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