TopicThe Advantages of Forex Trading

  • Sat 1st Sep 2018 - 7:30am

    In today's world of instant communications, all the news Print Profit will quickly show up in price action and more importantly, every traders view of them will ve visible from the chart. You don't need to know anything about economics or the news, all you need to do is spot high odds repetitive chart patterns and trade them. The reason certain chart patterns repeat is because human nature never changes and is reflected in the charts.

    The above is the theory Forex charting is based but now we need to turn this theory into profits and give you some tips on strategies you can apply and make money with.You need to learn some high odds patterns and then, use a few momentum indicators to help you time your trades, you also need to keep in mind your strategy should be very simple! Most traders think the more complex they make their trading strategy, the better it will perform but this is simply not true. Make any strategy to complex and it will have to many elements to break.

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