TopicThe Scientific Description of Lepidium Meyenii (Maca Root)

  • Mon 3rd Sep 2018 - 7:12am

    Tea will stop cancer cells from growing, and will also  Digestit De Limpieza De Colon stop the blood vessels that the cancerous tumors feed on from developing. Iced tea, when consumed on a regular basis, can reduce our risk of prostate cancer, stomach cancer, breast and colon cancer, and stomach and esophagus cancer.The antioxidants in iced tea that do so much for us are called flavonoids, and they are also in vegetables and fruits. Eight ounces of iced tea, whether it is green or black, contains anywhere from 145 to 200 mg of these flavonoids.

    Iced tea has also been proven to help make our immune systems stronger, protect our teeth from plaque, and is thought to help us to burn more calories each day. Studies have been done in people who smoke. When these people were give four cups of green tea each day, there was less damage to their white blood cells as compared to those people who drank none at all.The next time you get an insect bite or a small cut, you can see for yourself how tea can make a difference. Green is best for this. Pour a little freshly brewed iced green on a cotton pad, and rub it gently on the bite or cut. You will feel a difference almost at once. Itching will stop immediately, as well as minor sorenes

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