TopicTreating Children and Adults With Anxiety, Depression and ADHD Predominantly Inattentive

  • Mon 17th Sep 2018 - 6:28am

    Twice as many women as men suffer clinical depression. Men  Solomon’s Secret and women suffer other mental disorders in equal numbers. Therefore, there are more mentally ill women than men. Why are mass murderers and serial killers mostly young males? Where are all of the mentally ill females committing heinous violence and murders? Mental illness does not cause violence.My first-hand experience with co-patients demonstrates that, just as there are happy and mean drunks, there are also happy and mean mood disorder patients. However, meanness does not always translate into physical violence. These behaviors stem from individual personality and character traits in both cases. Mental illness does not cause violence.

    Empirically-speaking and having resided within several mental health facilities, I found all of them as serene as public libraries. My co-patients were not drugged to make them more manageable. The peaceful environment was maintained to achieve the needed healing and progress in patient cognition and emotions. Despite various crises suffered by co-patients within a facility, the only violent behaviors are caused by illegal substance withdrawals or severe reactions to medications' side-effects. No armed officers or employees work on these units. Psych techs and aides are there to intervene in the event an argument occurs, as would happen among any other group of confined strangers. The media have created a false image of both standard mental hospital and general hospital behavioral unit atmospheres as being disruptive, mean-spirited and violent.




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