TopicHow to Use Positive Affirmations to Create a Fresh Start

  • Wed 19th Sep 2018 - 5:54am

    When you want something so terribly but, you cannot  Nutrio2 condition yourself to end the self-sabotaging behaviors that are stopping you from achieving the results you desire; it is time to call on your emotion of fierceness. One day you may just have enough of the barriers that are stopping you from the living the life of your dreams and say no more and mean it. This is the day you will reconnect with your raw emotion of fierceness.For you to achieve your life's purpose you must say goodbye to certain behaviors that hinder you from moving to the next level. I like to think of this analogy of a faithful dog returning home with numerous bones in the road. There are bones or obstacles in all of our lives. It is the smell and texture of the bone that make it almost impossible for the dog to resist.

    This bone symoblizes some of our favorite addictions. Our favorite addiction is the one that seems impossible to move beyond. This addiction has costs us time and again and we have tried to overcome but, have failed to overcome time and again. Nonetheless, we must strive again, to get past our addictions. Our hang-ups or addictions are keeping us from our main tasks at had. The main task at hand is our life's work on Earth. Many of us do not know the nature of our deep work. Some of us know from the moment we can first remember.




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