TopicEffective Promotion of Your Website

  • Thu 11th Oct 2018 - 6:53am

    By way of example, let's take a look at a customer-loyalty Five Minute profit Sites campaign. You participate in a customer-loyalty campaign every time you use your grocery store discount card and they reward you by immediately spitting out discount coupons on the very products you just purchased.Our theoretical campaign has three components: a variable-data email, variable-data web pages also known as PURLs, and a direct-mail postcard with the mandatory targeted landing pages. You know the rules: they need to see it three times.

    If you're a marketing veteran, you've likely been using printed media as a vehicle for promotions for many years. With all the hoopla about electronic marketing, is print still relevant? The answer is yes - and the good news is they can be even more effective when you use electronic tools to help you assess and measure the success of the campaign.

    A landing page is a dedicated web page on your site to which visitors are directed from a marketing vehicle - be that direct mail, email, print advertisement, or the like. The targeted landing page is generally of the same design and messaging as that of the marketing vehicle used to direct them there. It is usually tightly focused on a particular product or service with the aim of getting the visitor to buy or take some form of action for those of you who may not be veterans, this is called the call to action

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