TopicTerry small Ferdinand foes meet again cancel the Premier League

  • Fri 11th Mar 2016 - 3:43am

    first Premier League Sunday 36, will take charge of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge against Queens Park Rangers. It is involved in racial attacks Terry Anton - Ferdinand controversy after the two ultimate teams meet again in the league. Premier League issued a statement Thursday, the game pregame handshake routine will be canceled. October 23, 2011 Chelsea 0-1 Queens Park Rangers a battle to the first 85 minutes, Terry and Anton - Ferdinand altercation. After the game, QPR fans to report acts of racial discrimination Terry on the Internet. The FA and the police then investigate this, Terry eventually charged, July 9 will stand trial. But before this, Terry can not cheap fifa coins remove racist hat. Terry and settle the holidays, so the two ultimate teams shake hands before touching concern. In fact, after the two ultimate teams had met turmoil. January 28, 2012 FIFA Cup 4th round, Chelsea 1-0 victory over QPR, the FIFA 16 football Association canceled the regular pregame handshake. The media was disclosed that all QPR FIFA 16 players are thus intended to support small collective refusal Ferdinand and Terry handshake. Now the Blues and QPR meet again, this time shaking hands whether it scheduled? The answer is no. Premier League on Thursday issued a statement, announced the cancellation of Sunday's game before the handshake, 'the Premier League about the handshake before the position is still very strong, under normal circumstances, this etiquette should be followed. However, after Chelsea After consultation and Queens Park Rangers, the Premier League for Terry and Anton - Ferdinand legal dispute between considerations exist, the decision to cancel Sunday pregame handshake before the game, 'Terry and Anton, Evra and Suarez. also involved in the controversy over racial discrimination. Suarez was eventually convicted and banned for eight games, but it refused to shake hands with Evra, Suarez was slammed the media and fans after the Uruguayan lifted, after he, Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool are out of the public apology .

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