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Cal Henderson

  • Australia
  • 21st Jan 1996


Cal “BURNRUOK” Henderson has been flying under the radar for the past few years, competing in small 1.6 and CS:S events in 2010 and 2011 when he was 14/15. He had a short spell competiting in Modern Warfare 2 before moving on to CS:GO.

Since then however he has been honing his skills and is fast becoming one of Australia’s best up and coming players. In spite of only ever really playing for amateur teams, he would regularly find his name at the top of the scoreboard in almost all the matches he would play. His affinity for the game is on par with some of the most skilled players Australia has to offer, and his skill only ever goes one way; up.

With an intuitive mind for the game, he is a player the team can count on to win clutches and make the big plays. 

He keeps his cool in the toughest of situations, and even welcomes pressure to improve his game.


3rd/4th: CyberGamer Western Digital Amateur League Season 1 cs:1.6 2010 (KirisuteGOMEN)

1st: CyberGamer Open Turbo Season 4 COD:MW2 2011 (KirisuteGOMEN)

8th-16th: CyberGamer Amatuer League Season 6 cs:s 2011 (Aqui)

4th in Groups: CGPL Main League Group A 2012 cs:go (Team Exothermic)

8th/16th: CGPL Amatuer league Season 2 cs:go 2014 (Testudo)

3rd: TTHUB Mid City LAN #6 2014 cs:go (Testudo)

5th/8th: Voxplay Ghost Cup 2015 cs:go (Testudo)

Currently playing CS:GO in Cypher eSports

Currently Competing in CyberGamer Premier League Division 2

My Hardware