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Tom Penfold


Tom “penzke” Penfold is the youngest and newest member of the team. He began playing CS when he was 9 but delved into other games such as CoD which he also played competitively. He has regularly been the MVP of the team in their online matches, getting key frags in important rounds with his ridiculous movement and lightning fast reflexes. He is the very definition of a strong up and comer, and could very well be one of the best players in Australia once he gets some more experience. He took a break for a year from the game to focus on finishing year 12, before coming back and joining the team as soon as his final exam was done. He has only been playing the game again and with the team for a few months, and he is already back into the flow of things. Now that he can commit his time more to the game, there is no telling how far he could go.