Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • yellow

    Chris “yellow” McGillivray has a rich history of competitive results over the last decade in a number of different titles.  He first started playing competitively in Battlefield 2142 at the young age of 14 in 2006 and since then has competed at the top level of a handful of FPS titles; including Brink, Bad Company 2, COD4, Black Ops, Battlefield 3 & 4, CS:Source and now CS:GO. Most notably he travelled overseas for Vox Eminor’s BF4 team in 2014, and competed for Team Immunity in the first CyberGamer Premier League LAN Nationals.  As captain, he started the CS:GO team in early 2014 with the goal of taking them all the way to the top as a team, not a group of individuals.  His natural habitat is at the top of the ladder and he cannot settle for anything less. His confidence, experience and strong individual play will lead this team all the way to the top.   Achievements Battlefield 2142 2006 - 2007 Played in numerous online competitions under iD. and Notz Call of Duty 4 2008 -2010 Played in numerous lans and online competitions under Team 7 Counter Strike Source 2009 - 2011 Played in numerous online competitions under Team 7 and Misery Bad Company 2 2010 -4th - GameArena Season 1 8v8 - Team 7 -4/8th - Cybergamer CCL 8v8 - Team 7 Brink 2011 -1st - Brink Quick Cup 5v5 - Frenetic Array Black Ops 2011 -8/16th - Kingston Cup - Team 7 -2nd - Cybergamer Black Ops Victoria Lan Qualifier - Team 7 -1st - Season 1 Black Ops- Frenetic Array Battlefield 3 2011 - 2012 -1st - Team Immunity Invite Cup $2000 (SteelSeries) 10v10 - Team Immunity -2nd - Team Immunity invite Cup MVP Award -5th - GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Cup Asia - $9,500 8v8 - Team Immunity -1st - Alienware Arena Cup - $1,200 8v8 - Team Immunity -1st - Battlefield 3 Nations Cup XV - Team Australia 8v8 - Team Australia -1st - On3 Network Battlefield 8v8 - Team Immunity -1st - Cybergamer Open Season 1 8v8 - Team Immunity -1st - Mwave BF3 Tournament $2000 8v8 - Team Immunity Battlefield 4 2014 -1st - ESL Oceania Qualifer 8v8 - Vox Eminor -8th - ESL Cologne Germany 8v8  - Vox Eminor CSGO 2012 - 2015 -3/4th - Cybergamer Premier League #1 NATIONALS - Team Immunity -5/6th - Cybergamer Season 2 - Noxious -2nd - Cybergamer Season 3 Divison 2 - 80$ - Sequential Gaming -8th - Cybergamer Season 4 Amateur - Testudo -3rd - TTHUB Mid City Lan #6 2014 - Testudo -4/8th - Voxplay Ghost Cup 2015 - Testudo -Currently Competitng Cybergamer Season 5 Divison 2 - Cypher...Read More


    Cal “BURNRUOK” Henderson has been flying under the radar for the past few years, competing in small 1.6 and CS:S events in 2010 and 2011 when he was 14/15. He had a short spell competiting in Modern Warfare 2 before moving on to CS:GO. Since then however he has been honing his skills and is fast becoming one of Australia’s best up and coming players. In spite of only ever really playing for amateur teams, he would regularly find his name at the top of the scoreboard in almost all the matches he would play. His affinity for the game is on par with some of the most skilled players Australia has to offer, and his skill only ever goes one way; up. With an intuitive mind for the game, he is a player the team can count on to win clutches and make the big plays.  He keeps his cool in the toughest of situations, and even welcomes pressure to improve his game.   3rd/4th: CyberGamer Western Digital Amateur League Season 1 cs:1.6 2010 (KirisuteGOMEN) 1st: CyberGamer Open Turbo Season 4 COD:MW2 2011 (KirisuteGOMEN) 8th-16th: CyberGamer Amatuer League Season 6 cs:s 2011 (Aqui) 4th in Groups: CGPL Main League Group A 2012 cs:go (Team Exothermic) 8th/16th: CGPL Amatuer league Season 2 cs:go 2014 (Testudo) 3rd: TTHUB Mid City LAN #6 2014 cs:go (Testudo) 5th/8th: Voxplay Ghost Cup 2015 cs:go (Testudo) Currently playing CS:GO in Cypher eSports Currently Competing in CyberGamer Premier League Division 2...Read More

  • penzke

    Tom “penzke” Penfold is the youngest and newest member of the team. He began playing CS when he was 9 but delved into other games such as CoD which he also played competitively. He has regularly been the MVP of the team in their online matches, getting key frags in important rounds with his ridiculous movement and lightning fast reflexes. He is the very definition of a strong up and comer, and could very well be one of the best players in Australia once he gets some more experience. He took a break for a year from the game to focus on finishing year 12, before coming back and joining the team as soon as his final exam was done. He has only been playing the game again and with the team for a few months, and he is already back into the flow of things. Now that he can commit his time more to the game, there is no telling how far he could go....Read More

  • AidanWHO?

    When people think of high impact AWPers in Australia they think of names like Rickeh or fakedan. Aidan “AidanWHO?” Priestly aims to put one name on every Australian CS:GO player’s lips and one name only, and that name is his own. Aidan has been playing one version of CS or another since 2007 when he was 15. He started playing competitively in CS:Source and has numerous achievements under his belt, both online and offline. He was voted 4th in the MVP poll during the CyberGamer Premier League Season One, and he competed in Brisbane LANs regularly in spite of living deep in the Queensland outback. But this was all taken with a grain of salt at the time, as the game was more of a hobby for him than anything else. Since joining the team however he has become more focused than ever. He has dedicated himself to AWPing and is more than capable of taking a fight with anyone in the scene right now. He aims to be the best and most recognized AWPer in Australia as well as being part of the best team in our scene, and his drive and passion for the game fuels us ever onwards. ...Read More

  • Trivium

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